Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Strategic Monetization of Video Inventory in Local News Media

To confront the habit of selling unchecked ROS or SOV flat-fee sponsorships in local media and gently expose the fact that local advertisers buying pre-roll video inventory at broadcast affiliate and newspaper websites can glean the same value from 10% of available inventory in some cases where modern 'social' distribution has led to 90% of the available inventory actually existing off-domain or with users far removed (geographically) from the marketer's offer or call to action.

To show in a humorous way that in addition to maintaining value for existing advertisers, it is possible to increase revenue, dramatically, by segregating inventory of value for key local clients while extending the remaining inventory to interested or experimental marketers at the national level or with specific offers more suited for the medium.


-Sales teams may resist 'smaller numbers' even if the overall value is clearly equal.
-Exec teams are enamored with social media but may find 'buzz' ROI disappointing.
-Opps may find forecasting a bit daunting in an extreme case such as the 'case study' if even further vertical units are defined and a clear map of potential inventory is not defined at the outset.

Video AdServing technology gets more transparent and accessible every day. Without regard to some local advertisers' apparent lack of interest in already available and complex on-demand reports (results of filters / dimensions / parameters), there will be a reckoning when targeting and analytics are (more frequently) controlled by the advertiser. Whether it's via 3rd party trackers or a street-level adoption of something like VAST created by local users and using custom macros, the ability to control and report on where and when one's ad will or has shown without regard to the IO specs or trust in Ad Opps seems like a probable outcome.

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